Northumberland Gazette 11th March 2017
"Summer concert series is best yet"

Northumberland Gazette 9 May 2019

“Top quality performers set for a summer of music to suit all tastes....A feast of musical riches....”


Audience Comments

These concerts get better and and better! Such a treat to hear some new and original music played by such amazing performers. (And then there is the setting.....)

(an end-of-season comment after the final concert, 2019)


I found it really challenging but wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Seeing and hearing John Tomlinson close up like that was astonishing.

(in relation to Counterpoise and Sir John Tomlinson performing Kokoschka’s Doll, May 2019)


The concert last night – FANTASTIC!!!!
(after Spiro’s concert, July 2019)


Appreciate that these concerts introduce us to such a broad variety of musicians and musical genres


We come as often as possible every year (since the concerts began)

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